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635 - Middle School Tennis

Middle School TennisFee: $60.00Get exercise, have fun, learn to play tennis. This program is for Pinckney Middle School students who would like to learn the game of tennis, or would like to improve their skills. Join our four-week program meeting twice a week. Qualified tennis instructors will teach you the game of tennis, help you improve your skills and will have a match play component to prepare you for joining your High School team or just to have fun playing. Work on the basics such as forehands, backhands, volleys, overheads and serving, while learning singles and doubles strategies. All equipment is provided. Please wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothing. School gym will be used in inclement weather. 4 weeks Instructors: Tom Shehan Held at Pathfinder Tennis Court Held at Pathfinder Tennis Courts---The 4th-6th graders will meet the tennis instructor after school by the Navigator school office. One of the instructors will walk students to the courts. The 7th- 8th grade students will meet at the tennis courts.


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